Canadian Curriculum Press, an imprint of Telegraph Road Entertainment, is dedicated to helping children thrive in school and beyond. Our first books, the highly popular Learning Essentials series, were published in August 2011. They became a perennial bestseller across Canada, selling over 1 million copies since their publication.


Since then, Canadian Curriculum Press has improved upon and expanded its product range. In 2014, building on the enduring popularity of the Learning Essentials books, the Complete Canadian Math and Complete Canadian Reading series were added to develop our core skills coverage. By 2018, when the 100 Tests series began publication, the resulting success prompted expansion into more books for upper grades.


Now, Canadian Curriculum Press is a market leader with over 6 million books sold. We are one of the only publishers today whose educational materials are written and designed in Canada by teachers working in the Canadian classroom.

Our products boost academic skills and prepare children for success from pre-kindergarten through grade 4, all while making learning fun through full-colour designs and Canadian themes!

Graded Workbook

Pre-K Writing Readiness